• JCM Methodology guidebook


    1.Introduction (Background and Purpose)
    2.What Is Methodology in JCM?
    3.Approval Process for JCM Methodology
    4.Development of JCM Methodology
    5. After Approval of JCM Methodology
  • Guía para la formulación de proyectos de JCM utilizando el programa de financiación de JCM


    Capítulo 1 Esquema del Mecanismo de Acreditación conjunta y del Programa de Financiación del JCM
    Capítulo 2 Aspectos importantes a tener en cuenta en la utilización del Programa de Financiación de JCM
  • Guidebook for formulating JCM projects utilizing the JCM Financing Programme


    Chapter 1 Outline of Joint Crediting Mechanism and JCM Financing Programme
    Chapter 2 Important aspects to consider in utilizing JCM Financing Programme
  • JCM contributions to SDGs -Best practices- (IGES)


    Myanmar: Waste-to-Energy Project
    Palau: Rooftop Solar Power Plant
    Saudi Arabia: High-Efficiency Equipment in Chlorine Production
    Kenya: Solar PV System at a Salt Factory
    Mongolia: Solar Power Plant in Farm
    Viet Nam: Energy-Efficient Water Pump
    Indonesia: Energy-Efficient Used Paper Processing System
    Bangladesh: High-Efficiency Air-jet Looms
  • IGES Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Database (January 2021) (Excel file)


    Methodologies (summary)
    Project Data
    Project Data (summary)
    Financed Projects
    Financed Projects (summary)
  • Introduction of Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) & Financing Programme for JCM Model Projects (Oct 2020) (GEC)


    ▶About the Joint Crediting Mechanism(JCM)
    ・Basic concept of the JCM
    ・The role of the JCM in Japan’s NDC
    ・JCM and the Paris agreement
    ▶Financing Programme for JCM Model Projects
    ・Overview of Financing Programme for JCM Model Project in FY2020
    ・JCM Model Projects Schedule in FY2020
    ・JCM Model Projects
    ▶Outline of Guidelines (for Submitting JCM Model Project Proposal in FY2020)
    ・Basic structure of International Consortium
    ・Requirements of Representative Participant of International Consortium
    ・Costs Eligible for Financing
    ・Legal Durable Years
    ・Cost-effectiveness of emission reduction of GHG
    ▶Applicatoin Support by GEC for JCM Model Project
  • IGES Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Database (September 2020) (Excel file)


    Methodologies (summary)
    Project Data
    Project Data (summary)
    Financed Projects
    Financed Projects (summary)
  • JCM information report: Solar Power Generation in Indonesia(Jun, 2020)


    JCM information report: Solar Power Generation in Indonesia(Jun, 2020)

    Recent trends of solar power project development and relevant policies and schemes in Indonesia


    1. Potential of solar power generation
    2. Status of solar power development
    3. Existing JCM projects of solar power
    4. Policies and trends of solar power development in Indonesia
    5. JCM Financial Support Scheme



    This report is the first publication to analyse the inter-linkage between Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aims to clarify how the JCM contributes to SDGs targets.


    Related SDGs:
    Goal 2. Zero Hunger
    Goal 3. Good Health and Well-being
    Goal 4. Quality Education
    Goal 6. Clean Water and Sanitation
    Goal 7. Affordable and Clean Energy
    Goal 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
    Goal 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    Goal 12. Responsible Consumption and Production
    Goal 13. Climate Action
    Goal 17. Partnerships for the Goals

  • How to utilize the Information Sheet on Environmental Infrastructure


    Please find the file on how to utilize the information sheets on environmental infrastructure. The sheet can utilize to find needs on each sector and potential for introduction of environmental technology.


    Information sheet for identifying NDC sectors/projects
    Example 1: Emissions Reduction Needs on each sector
    Example 2: Replication of projects in the same countries
    Example 3: Transfer of experiences in other countries
    Example 4: Creating an enabling environments for projects